• a misty rain

    a misty rain
    and the smudge of mountain
    paints a little death . . .
    you bring me the ocean
    cradled within your arms
  • along this path

    along this path
    a bellbird chimes descant
    to my footsteps —
    she listens to the way
    I sing inside my head


  • by autumn light

    by autumn light
    the flicker of child fingers
    shadow dancing beads . . .
    a mayfly upon the stream
    your words ripple through silence

  • entering the mist

    entering the mist
    I become so at one
    with mere being
    that, with the forming of shapes
    and words, it slips away

  • mountain silence

    mountain silence,
    I will get to hear
    the shifts of light . . .
    I am well versed in the paths
    of your valley mists

  • see how time

    see how time
    reshapes my silhouette
    cast by moonlight . . .
    far away a half moon
    rises out of my past

  • the dew drop

    the dew drop
    hanging still from the leaf . . .
    it would not be
    had not my own eyes
    been tinted by dawn

  • where are you, old friend?

    where are you, old friend?
    are you still the twinkling eye?
    the echo of words?
    I sound out the hieroglyphs
    that carve your name into stone